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Arkhangelsk Youth Theater: Dirk Kuntze in interview with the russian tv   Picture: Oleg Samoylov

2000 his first set of Funk & Dancefloorjazz were playing at the Groove Odessey, Circus Maximus Koblenz, Germany. As Didgeridoo Player and Producer for the Live Act “DI-PER” (Didgeridoo + Percussion + Dj) he sold his first Album and played at several Festivals and Partys. 3 years later he launched and played the “GRANdE MASSIFE open air for electronic art and music in his Hometown Koblenz, In 2012 the 10th issue had taken place.

2003 he moved to Leipzig to study dramatics, cultural studies, communication and media. Beside his studies he started playing Nujazz & Electro at opening nights, exhibitions, theaters and partys at Galerie-Blumen, linxxnet, Heinrich Bude Haus.

2005 his breakthrough in Leipzig. He became Resident Dj at “KULTIVIERT ANDERS!”, Gigs of the live act DI-PER took place at Horns Erben, Moritz Bastei, Leipzig and Circuvs Maximus, Koblenz.

2008 D’dread began to promote dj-emquipment for brands – like KORG & PERCUSSA – by playing at the “MUSIKMESSE FRANKFURT” and introducing the audiocubes at the 6th GRANdE MASSIFE Open Air. He started playing “LIVE SOUNDTRACKS” for silent movies. He set sound to MENSCHEN AM SONNTAG at the Schaubühne Lindenfels. September 2008 he set Lubischs SUMURUN to sound during the “DEUTSCHE FILMWOCHEN” – Kiev, Ukranie (on behalf of Goethe Institut Kiew). “BLICK DURCHS FENSTER” is his fist silent movie essay and Stummfilm-Set, it received its premiere during the “GESCHICHTSFORUM 1989 I 2009” at the Collegium Hungaricum Berlin.

2009 he set sound to Menschen am Sonntag during the MODERN SILENCE FILM FESTIVAL Croatia (on behalf of Robert Bosch Stiftung). In December BLICK DURCHS FENSTER was screened from DVD at the FUTURE SHORTS Screenings (Stauerei & schule21) in Bremen. His silent movie essay BLICK DURCHS FENSTER was played live at GRANdE MASSIFE.

2010 he sets sound to a multiscreen projection of SUMURUN at the AUGENSCHEIN VIDEO FEST in Heidelberg. D’dread also played an open air edition of SUMURUN for Fernsehen unter Tage in Leipzig. A Mash Up and Netaudio-DJ-Set was played at the 1# DJ & PRODUCER CONTEST LEIPZIG.

2011 he played at the NETAUDIO NIGHT LEIPZIG/WEIMAR. A multimedia experiment, the djs and musicians were stream live to the other city. A hole night just creative commons music was played. D’dread play as well during the 1# NETAUDIO NACHT LEIPZIG 2009. MENSCHEN AM SONNATG was played at TREPPENKINO OPEN AIR.

2012 Leipzigs oldest cinema UT Connewitz celebrats 100 years and D’dread played DER FUHRMANN DES TODES / Körkarlen. The Stummfilm-Set DER GOLEM, WIE ER IN DIE WELT KAM reveived it’s premiere at DIE LANGE NACHT DER MUSEEN in front of the “Alte Mikwe” in Erfurt. The premiere of VON MORGENS BIS MITTERNACHTS the latest Stummfilm Sets took place in October during the DEUTSCHLANDJAHR IN RUSSLAND ( in St. Petersburg at Lenfilm Studio*. Some Days later at the Arkhangelsk Youth Theater, he set MENSCHEN AM SONNTAG to music**.

2013 a russian year with gigs in Petrosavodsk (VON MOGRENS BIS MITTERNACHTS with the Band Yarga Sound System), Kalininingrad (VON MORGENS BIS MITTERNACHTS @ Sound around Kaliningrad)*, Uljanovsk & Dimitrovgrad  (SUMURUN)** and Arkhangelsk. Futher silent movie dj sets took place at Distillery, Leipzig and an open air screening of MENSCHEN AM SONNTAG at the Thalia, Dresden. The national german radio “DEUTSCHLANDFUNK” got interested in his silent movie scoring and recorded an interview with him in April (read the interview here, listen to it here). 2013 tow new silent movie dj sets received their premiere. In June D’dread set sound to DIE STADT OHNE JUDEN during the LANGE NACHT DER MUSEEN in Erfurt and at the end of june to DER MANN MIT DER KAMERA / Человек с киноаппаратом in Arkhangelsk during the XIX Intenational Street Theater Festival (also performed during the festival: DER GOLEM, WIE ER IN DIE WELT KAM & SUMURUN). In July he played at Thalia Cinema, Dresden and in October he celebrated the UNESCO World Day for Audiovisual Heritage @ SLUB Dresden with MENSCHEN AM SONNTAG. Goethe-Institut Marocco has invited D’dread to perform “VON MORGEN BIS MITTERNACHTS” in the Capital Rabat.

* on behalf of Goethe-Institut St. Petersburg   ** on behalf of Robert Bosch Stiftung


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